Project application, technical execution, coordination and implementation of project tasks

  • Interim action in the quality management in the Glass Factory Ernstthal
    I supported the quality management commisioned in the operational daily business.
  • Quality management project with the Town Country Lizenzgeber GmbH
    Currently I am consulting the Town & Country Haus Lizenzgeber GmbH with the introduction of a quality sysetm. As the satisfaction of the customer is of high importance to the company, it is the aim of the project to further improve the quality d to conslidate its position in the market. This aim will be achieved through a reduction of the main processes to the crucial tasks. I am coaching the company in process description, process analysis, process improvement and supplier evaluation.
  • Development of materials with Tata Steel (The Netherlands)
    Literature research for mineral synthesis and mineral processing. Provision of suitable services for mineral synthesis and processing on laboratory scale.
  • Selection and evaluation of refractory suppliers
    Determination of the technical selection criteria, setup of sample-inspection plans for incoming controls, evaluation of measurement data and technical advice to the purchasing department during complaints.
  • Team task to save refractory cost
    Leading an interdisciplinary team to save the refractory cost while maintaining aggregate durabilities. The cost can be considerably reduced  by changing the technology and comparing properties of materials from different suppliers.
  • Refractories for the Steel Factory
    The aim was to improve the efficiency by extending the life time of the refractory material. The life time is determinded by the corrosion resistance and the thermomechanical properties of the material. By skillfull selection of material and/or construction, the life time of the refractory clothing could be significantly increased.
  • Development of refractory brick using recycled material
    With this, characterisation of raw material, elevated temperature experiments and the determination of characteristics of products were necessary. The implementation of the project has led to cost saving.
  • Recycling of Steel Slags
    The aim of this project was to reduce cost by using slags as raw materials. The material properies of slag were analysed and suitable material for roads was selected. A pilot-test was very successful.