I manage your Project with technical expertise

As a Project Manager, I take over als as support your company plan, manage and implement projects. In doing so, you can rely on my material science know-how. With the combination of technical and organisational skills, I can help even complex projects to be successful.Project management

As a project manager, I focus on the following topics:

Content and Scope

clearly set defined project goals that can be adjusted when necessary by the PM target deviation.


will be carried out in consultation with all stakeholders.


have top priority, all target groups will be included.


and budget compliance are continuously controlled and if necessary counter measures will be taken.


is ensured by appropriate professional assessment and documentaion of the results.


will be developed for the project tasks by assignment according to the skills and capacity available.


takes up 50 percent of the project work, where I include all stakeholders.

Risk Factors

are analysed and preventice measures and emergency concepts will be developed.

Implementation is achieved through a consistend  progress monitoring even after the development phase.


Here you can build on my material science know-how.