Freelance worker for project management and quality management 

Project manager: IBU-tec advanced materials (Germany)

  • Patent and literature research
  • Conduction and organisation of material characterisation
  • Assistance to the development of a sales section

Project leader: Tata Steel Ceramic Research Centre (The Netherlands)

  • Coordination and implementation of reserach activities in the refractory area  to improve the profitability of the steel plant
  • Technical support in the refractory area for the steel plant
  • Refractory supplier evaluation for the steel plant

Researcher: Tata Steel Ceramic Research Centre (The Netherlands)

  • XRD, SEM, optical microscopy and TGA/DTA investigations on metallurgical slags, refractories and mould powders. 

Researcher: University Groningen (The Netherlands)
Marie Curie European Netwerk

  • Interdisciplinary project on the preparation of organo-clay polymer nanocomposites. Analysis technique: XPS.

Researcher: Ceramic and glass research institute CSIC (Madrid, Spain)
Marie Curie  European Netwerk

  • Electrochemical characterisation of novel proton-conducting perovskite materials. Analysis techniques: Impedance spectroscopy, XRD and EPMA.


  • Environmental Management Representative, Dekra Academy (Germany)
  • Quality Management Auditor QMA-TÜV, TÜV SÜD Academy (Germany)
  • Quality Management Representative QMR-TÜV, TÜV SÜD Academy (Germany)
  • Quality Management Specialist QMS-TÜV, TÜV SÜD Academy (Germany)  
  • Accelerated Career Development Programme, Tata Steel (The Netherlands)
  • Career Development Programme, Tata Steel (The Netherlands)
  • Refractory Technology Part II: Mechanical Properties, Steel Academy (Germany)
  • Refractory Technology: Refractory Materials and Slags in the Metallurgy, Steel Academy (Germany)
  • Metallurgy and process technique of converter processes, Steel Academy (Germany)


Dr. rer. nat., Institute for glass chemistry, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Germany)
Grade: magna cum laude
“Incorporation of tin in glass melts”, The thermodynamics of tin redox equilibria were determined employing electrochemical methods and Mössbauer spectroscopy at high temperatures.

Diplom-Mineralogy, University Hanover (Germany)
Grade:  1.1
Specialisation: Material Science, Crystallography, Petrology, Physical Chemistry

Additional Skills

English: fluent spoken & written
Dutch: fluent spoken & written
Spanish: DELE intermedio (Diploma of Spanish as Foreign Language)


General: MS Project, Lotus Business Software, Microsoft Office
Quality Management: Microsoft Visio, ViFlow
Technical: Bruker AXS Diffrac Plus Evaluation & Topas, Thermo
Scientific Noran System Six & Sample Manager